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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Wednesday, October 9 Homework/Tests

LA 8/9- Students should be finished their Slideshows and ready to present on Tuesday, October 15.

Social 7/8- Many students ARE MISSING questions for marking from pgs. 19 & 20.
                ***Introduction and Chapter 1 Test- Thursday, Oct. 10

English 10/20/30- Present Visual Metaphors and Powerpoints for "Dead Poets' Society" on Tuesday,                 Oct. 15.
               -Critical/Analytical Responses will be due on Wednesday, Oct. 16
               -Personal Responses will be due on Friday, Oct. 18.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019


1) LA 8/9- "The Road Not Taken" Assignment (Questions + Collage)

2) Eng. 10-1/20-1/30-1- Poetry Assignment is Due

Grades 9-12 are reminded to submit their Career Expo Permission Forms by Tuesday, Oct. 1.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

LA 8/9, Soc. 7/8, Eng. 10/20/30 Monday, Sept. 23 Homework

LA 8/9
1) Complete "Suspense & Adventure" Title Page (if not finished from 1st week of school).
2) Submit 1/2- 3/4 Page Response for the Character Profile of  "The Stranger." (From the story, "Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus")
3) Be prepared to present the tradition (from another country) that people (in Canada) might find "odd" or "scary."  (You may use cue cards; you should not "read" your presentation)
4) Complete the reading for "The Road Not Taken" Assignment. QUESTIONS #1-6 ARE NOT DUE MONDAY (ONLY READ THE POEM)
****Click on the links below for a copy of the poem and a copy of the assignment.

SOC 7/8
1) Questions #1 & 2 Page 19 of the textbook (available online in pdf format)
2) Questions # 1-3 Page 20 of the textbook

ENGLISH 10-1/20-1/30-1
1) Submit late assignments ("The Father" Questions & "Harrison Bergeron" Satirical Response +        Visual)
2) "Harrison Bergeron" Critical/Analytical Essay (500-750 words)

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

LA 8/9 and Social 7/8 Homework

LA 8/9- Some students still need to complete the “Suspense & Adventure” title page.  Story Questions #1-9  should be completed for Thursday. Additional class time will be given for the remaining questions.
Social 7/8- Fill-in-the-Blank Wksht (summarizing the textbook introduction) is due tomorrow (Thursday).
All students are reminded to get their course outlines (for Social and LA) signed and returned to me.

Monday, 9 September 2019


1)Complete Page 13 Questions #1-3.
2) Complete Fill-in-the-Blank Worksheet, "Assessment for Introduction to Worldview."